Hate is the Key…

Hate is the Key to a Loving Marriage!

I read an article once that said the key to staying married for a long time is not how much you love you spouse. The key, the writer said, is to hate all the same people. Hate the neighbors together, dislike each other’s bosses, share discontentment for the same movies, etc. I thought the article was pretty funny and although the level of hate was unnecessary, I get the point!

As a Christian, I would never recommend a person to hate people. In fact, God calls us to love our neighbors (Mark 12:31), and to love & pray for our enemies (Matthew 5:44).  The way I apply the article to my marriage is that Satan hates anything of God, and marriage is ordained by God (Genesis 2:24, Hebrews 13:4); therefore Satan hates marriage.

To create a lasting union, hate Satan together. James 4:7 says, “…resist Satan and he will flee from you.” The word “resist” means to actively fight against. If you come together with your spouse to actively fight against Satan’s devices to corrupt your marriage, your relationship will be stronger for it. 


God’s Will for your Life!


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Often times, we struggle to find God’s will for our lives. There are so many areas of ministry we could go into; so many jobs we could take; so many other decisions that seem to shape our lives and the impact we’ll have on the world. So for anyone who is struggling to find God’s will for your life, I’d like to share a quote I once heard:

The word of God IS the will of God.” – Andrew Wommack. 

So what part of God’s word points you in the direction of His will for you? I lean on 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18:

15 Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else. 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Once we make Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior, if we focus on mastering the items listed above, we will be in the position to carry out God’s perfect will in our lives.