I was in church on Sunday, and the pastor was a little in his feelings b/c people didn’t really respond well to being told they should be reading and praying on their own and come to church for confirmation. It’s funny that he said that because regularly I’ll go to church and it’s like the pastor was sitting in my back seat listening to Kevin and I┬áspeak – so I can totally relate to listening for confirmation, even down to last Sunday when Pastor spoke on the exact scripture Kevin and I were discussing before church.

Secondarily, I follow the ministry of Andrew Womack… Very powerful man of God. And this morning, out of nowhere, his ministry was placed on my heart. I haven’t listened to anything from him in months, so it was random. But I prayed for him and his ministry… A few hours later I received an email from his ministry that they are building a building (same as my current church) and were thanking their supporters for all the help that poured in over the past few days. I had no idea they were in need of help at this very time, on this very day. They came to mind and I prayed for them.

I said all of that to say, instead of telling God what you want, listen for confirmation, or listen for the ‘not right now.’ As Pastor Phillips stated on Sunday (or maybe it was in a Wednesday night Bible Study… I don’t remember),

“You shouldn’t be getting excited because you’re looking to me to pump you up. You should be getting excited because I’m saying something that relates to what you were reading yesterday, or what you were praying about 3 days ago…”

I totally agree. Without an active prayer life and bible study life outside of church, you have to ask yourself are you believing or are you going through the motions?

As a separate point, if the Holy Spirit places someone/thing on your heart, stop in that moment and pray for him/her/it… Even if you don’t know their needs. Everyone has needs, and sending up a prayer will always help and not hurt the situation.