How would you respond?

Often times, we get the opportunity to witness and minister to people and it’s not on a missions trip or in a sanctuary – but completely by accident (and if you’re anything like me, it catches you completely off guard.) The other day, while talking to an associate, she said,

“I love God and I have strong faith, but for me in particular, I feel that God is an observer of my life – I don’t think he intervenes… just watches.”

At first the statement was like a foreign language to me. How could you have “strong faith” but in the same sentence admit that God isn’t an active part of your life? Honestly, I still don’t understand how the two could fit together. I have tons of examples of times when God had intervened in my life and provided for me, or given me peace of mind in hectic situations. I certainly have felt alone when making decisions or when trials come – but that’s because I was out of touch with God – not because He was “just watching.”

So the question I pose today is: how would you have responded to her question?


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